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Why Artificial Plants?

In today’s blog article we are going to get into some very specific reasons why choosing artificial plants for your design is extremely beneficial and worthwhile in the long run. We have spent a limited amount of time in each of our articles on these reasons, but in this one we will tackle them all. More and more we are seeing people going from authentic foliage and plants to more artificial. Some people only have a few reasons while some have many. There are still people out there that believe authentic is the only way to go, and that artificial foliage is cheap. Hopefully the information provided in this blog will give you a better understanding of what the real benefits of going artificial with your landscape design.

1. Low maintenance

This is one of the most important factors when people make the switch from authentic to artificial plants and foliage. With authentic plants you are forced to water, prune, and weed constantly to keep the appearance of what the original landscape looked like. That work will pile up as the landscape grows and grows. For a small garden landscape maybe this is not such a huge deal. When you’re an exterior landscape designer working with a large business this may become a huge factor. Many large business who have authentic landscapes will then have to outsource to keep the plants in foliage looking tidy. It all adds up, and that is why artificial plants is a simple solution to making a landscape less work intensive. With artificial foliage there is no need to trim or worry about weeds. You simply build the product and place it.

2. Long lasting

A huge benefit for using artificial plants and foliage is the ability for them to last years with relatively no extra work. Technology has come a long way and artificial plants are not excluded from that. The synthetic rubber that these products are made of are resistant to fade and extremely durable. With more and more people looking to find longevity in the products they buy, artificial plants and foliage are great testaments to that.

3. Realistic foliage and design

Many people who advocate for authentic foliage have great points and their reasons are usually sound for the projects they are referring to. One of the points that is becoming less and less true is that “artificial foliage doesn’t look real”. Back 20 years ago this may have been a true sentiment, when most artificial plants were really made of a silk material that was extremely costly. Through the years though technology has come to the point where artificial foliage contains all the features an authentic plant would have. There are botanists that Commercial Silk International has on staff that are dedicated to the design of our products. With these skilled individuals we offer the most realistic foliage and plants on the market.

4. Easy Installation

This reason is very simple and should be a huge factor for anyone looking to make the switch. With artificial plants you can move and place the product wherever you’d like, with no repercussions in the form of damaging or hurting the products realism. With authentic foliage you obviously are forced to keep the plant where it was originally grown, with artificial you can change your landscape design 5 years down the road, no problem at all. Pretty cool, huh?

5. Customizable

We have talked about this frequently before, so we will just cut to the chase. We can build anything you come up with. It does not matter how big your request is or what the shape is. We are capable of any project and have been doing strange/weird requests for many years. Do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our project managers to help you begin the design process.

6. Less water intensive

This reason should be important to everyone. Like we have talked about before, fresh water is become more and more a commodity each and everyday. We can’t afford to keep authentic landscapes when people are dying of thirst. It’s irresponsible in a lot of ways, and using artificial plants is a great way to remedy that issue. Save water, go artificial.

7. Endless varieties

We have touched on this before as well but just to revisit, with artificial plants and foliage you can have seemingly endless amounts of possibility. We carry the traditional foliage such as artificial boxwood, juniper, ivy etc. But we also carry other less common faux foliage types like mangrove and cedar.

8. Fade resistant

With our patented PermaLeaf® technology artificial plants become even more longer lasting. PermaLeaf® is a fade resistant spray that can be applied to your products to protect them from any sort of climate, whether hot or cold. UV protection already comes standard with many of our artificial foliages and plants, but this added protection will give you peace of mind for 10 plus years.

9. Fire-retardant

There is always this fear with artificial foliage and it’s ability to catch on fire almost instantaneously. This fear is definitely warranted as there have been cases of small fires turning into disasters because artificial foliage is highly combustible. With that in mind we have created a proprietary blend that protects our products from these sorts of incidents. This is extremely important for interior designers looking to use these plants indoors. Contact our project managers for more details.

10. More affordable

With all these benefits we all know most of the decisions come down to the dollar amount. Well, in that case then artificial plants and foliage is the obvious choice. They are longer lasting, take zero maintenance, and are far less expensive than most people tend to realize. With authentic plants taking a lot more work and time to grow and reach their full potential, artificial plants are a less intensive solution that has been proven to last. The initial investment might turn people away, but with these benefits in mind it should be a clear choice. Also, with our added technologies mixed in with our realistic foliage and plants the switch is an easy one to make.

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