MY STORY – Flomello


Ever since I could remember, I have loved flowers, not just because they add color and bring brightness and cheer to your home or any special occasion, but because of the beautiful meanings they represent. I founded Flomello simply because of what the flower represents: purity, love, happiness, and friendship.The flower is often the first gift that expresses love between people, it celebrates the people you love and the new life that joins your family. Even for those who have departed, flowers are left on their graves to let them know how much we love them and that they always will be remembered.

Flomello finds unique and intricate ways to bring cheer to your home and special occasions and does so by using the best, high quality artificial flowers. I have always believed that flowers are more beautiful if they are left in their nature and undisturbed. I believe that once a flower is cut, it doesn’t live very long and so the happy effect it brings is short-lived. Artificial flowers on the other hand last forever and can be kept as a constant reminder of your joyous occasions.